Working together with you, we can help you achieve your goals:

Catalyst Partners is based on putting our experience to work on your success story.

  • Media and public relations – Need to sell your story in the media? We’ll put together a winning strategy through news conferences, press releases, conversations with reporters and more
  • Media and PR advice – We know how to get the most of your media coverage, and how to salvage the best out of the most negative attention
  • Grassroots and public affairs – You need to get your issue across the finish line. We’ll get your issue and your supporters ready for battle with a plan to make sure policymakers hear your message and support your goals
  • Policy and political consulting – We know the players. We know the playbook. In Springfield, those two things are as important as the issues themselves. We’ll give you the insight you need to succeed
  • Marketing and branding – We’ll analyze how you can best sell your product or service and devise a plan to use earned, paid and social media to turn big thinking into real money
  • Media training – How you say what you want to say really matters. Our training – for associations, businesses and more – will help you ensure you’re saying and doing the right things