The Prairie Group team is a consortium of industry experts, unmatched in their fields. The firm’s strength is in their vast and bi-partisan network, cross-industry expertise, experience and their full access to their clients.

With offices in Chicago and Springfield, the Prairie Group works with their clients to craft effective, efficient and creative solutions. We help our private sector clients craft and implement their public sector strategies. We help our clients bridge the gap between corporate culture and the complex public sector environment.

The Prairie Group represents numerous clients in front of the City of Chicago, all the Chicago “Sister Agencies,” Cook County, Cook County Health and Hospital System, Collar County governments, Downstate Illinois counties, Illinois municipalities, Illinois General Assembly, Governor’s Office and other elected and appointed officials throughout the Midwest.

We understand and know how the public sector procurement process works. At The Prairie Group, we pride ourselves on our empirical and procedural know-how and innovative strategies. We pride ourselves on providing our clients full access.

Our commitment to bipartisan problem-solving reflects an enduring spirit and track record of what works in the State Capitol, City Hall and in County and local municipal government.

We understand the diverse and ever-changing communities throughout the Chicago Metropolitan Region, Downstate Illinois and primary metropolitan regions throughout the country. We know who the community stakeholders are and have developed rich and meaningful relationships with them for many years and with some, decades.

We have consulted for all size organizations, domestic and international, both for-profit and not-for-profit; we have served as Senior Advisors for Presidential campaigns, U.S. Senators, Statewide constitutional officers, municipal officials, county elected officials and other local elected officials.

There is no substitute for integrity. In the arena of public affairs, a word should be a bond. The Prairie Group takes immense pride in the team it has assembled and the credibility they have amassed over decades of experience and service to scores of our clients.

The best-crafted strategy is at best weak, if the messenger lacks credibility and trust. The Prairie Group is unmatched when it comes to credibility among public sector officials and decision-makers, community stakeholders, media and public policy consultants.

Our team stands ready to help you achieve your goals and objectives. Email one of our professionals to schedule a consultation.